Tyre Puncture Repair Service

Tyre Blowout After PunctureTyres need to be repaired all the time. Everyone driving a car, has at least once needed to fix a puncture. When one of your tyres has a puncture it is not necessary to buy a new one, they can be repaired, and that is what Pro-Grip Tyres does best. Statistics show that the chances of repair are above average. However you do want to be certain that you have good quality wheels under your vehicle. We provide the highest quality you can find anywhere in the UK.

Most of the time the problem with the tyre is that it has a puncture. Punctures can be caused by: waste on the roads, (big and small) holes in a road surface or a number of other things. Driving on a punctured tyre is extremely dangerous. The chances of a blowout are higher than average and a blowout can cause serious bodily harm.

A few tips and things to know:

  • Do not drive on a flat, because you can damage your tyres and the rim.
  • If a tyre loses pressure over time, it could be because of nails or potholes. This is called a slow puncture. Slow punctures are very terrifying, and dangerous, because if you drive at a high speed a blowout can occur.
  • Your car must contain a puncture repair kit.
  • For a temporary puncture repair, inject a sealant through the valve. Do not drive at high speeds, go straight home and call us.

When we repair your tyres we first remove them from the wheel and inspect them for internal damage. Our repairs are executed in strict compliance with Standard BS AU 159. Here are a few standards from the BS AU 159 on the repair of tyres:

  1. If the puncture didn’t occur in the sidewall or near the edges
  2. The tyre was not punctured by a pothole or broken glass, but by a nail or screw.
  3. The tyre was not driven on while flat.

When examining a punctured tyre we have to stick to the standard guidelines too. All our repairs are strictly conform the highest standards. Before we start with the process, these are the first steps we undertake in line with the code:

The inside and outside of the tyre will be examined. Sometimes a repair is not possible because of:

  • Separation of the side wall
  • Decay by solvents
  • Subjected cords

Mobile Roadside Service

Pro-Grip Tyres will repair your tyres at a very cheap price compared to most service providers in the industry. We guarantee a safe repair. We also have a mobile service unit, which will come to your home or place of work to fix your tyre(s). If you need them replaced with a new one, you can buy it directly from us. If we examine your tyre and it turns out you need a new one, you only have to pay for the new tyre.

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