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Tyre Seals

Finding a tyre leak is one of the most frustrating tasks – you know there is a slow leak in the tyre as the tyre pressure is slowly decreasing, but finding the root cause is proving to be tricky. If you know that there is minimal damage to the tyre but there is still a leak, then it is likely there is a leak between the tyre seal and the rim. A leak in the bead seal occurs when the metal rim gets corroded, causing air to seep out.

How can I find a car tyre leak

Using soapy water, or soap and water alone can help you determine exactly where the leak in the tyre is. In a spray bottle, mix water and soap – now spray the surface of the tyre.
Once you’ve covered the surface of the tyre, you’ll find the leak by spotting where the bubbles are forming. Whether you choose to do this by removing the wheel from the car or leaving it on is personal preference. Just turn the steering wheel to expose the inner sidewall of the tyre.

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